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     Don't think I've ever found a company who were able to deliver as high quality a service as LeeCarpetCleaners have been in these last few months. I am strongly considering making them into a regular, scheduled cleaning service as they've been hugely helpful when it comes to removing stains and cleaning my carpets. The home feels almost like new and everything is so fresh. A really great service and I can't thank them enough for what they've done for me. If you are thinking of hiring in someone to help with any kind of cleaning, these are the guys.
Kevin Ward04/06/2014
     I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful company. Since LeeCarpetCleaners have come into my life, my life has changed immensely not only do I get all of those household chores taken care of now, no longer do I have to worry and stress about finding time to do it myself. My workload is pretty intense, to say the least! But what makes my situation even more distressing is when I have to live in squalor after failing to find time to address it, now I can relax and enjoy my home comforts after work!
     I'm terrible at house work, it really just doesn't agree with me. I use LeeCarpetCleaners to get my place looking as lovely as it really needs to, and I must say, they are fantastic! A great clean, service with a smile, and they are never late or cancel on me! Well, I could not really ask for much more of anyone! If anyone reading this is after a decent cleaning company, then they should certainly give this lot a call, to ensure that they are not missing out on a fantastic service!

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